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As a leader, you expect long hours at the office. They’re a hazard of the job. You are all too familiar with with the apologetic phone calls with the kids, telling sweet little Suzy you’ll be at her next dance recital, or promising Billy you’ll make his next soccer game.

Thirty years ago, our founder, Jeff Garbus, was a senior database consultant traveling the country helping exciting companies and interesting people solve their most complex database issues. He loved that the work he did allowed his clients to stop making those dreaded phone calls on account of database problems. What he didn’t love, was making the same phone calls himself.

One day it dawned on him. If he could develop software to track his client’s database performance from anywhere in the world, he could keep doing the work he loved without missing out on the little league games and school performances.

And so, Soaring Eagle Database Consulting ® was born. Jeff hired a team of expert developers and created a proprietary remote database reporting system called Flight. Today, Jeff and his team of DBA gurus still spend time traveling the world to help companies architect and implement database solutions, but now with the software and systems in place, his clients aren’t the only ones spending time enjoying the moments that matter most.

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    Positively Influence Bottom Line

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    Increase Customer Satisfaction

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    Boost Employee Productivity

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    Improve Work-Life Balance for Your Team

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We are leaders in software development, architecture and database performance. Over the last two decades, our team has mentored and trained database gurus around the world. We are published authors, speakers and self-professed database geeks. Go ahead, click the button below. We’d love to meet you!

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If you walk into your IT team’s office today, odds are, you’ll find one of our books on their shelves. With 19 titles and counting on best practices for performance and tuning your database systems, we know a thing or two about databases.

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We host webinars to make sure you are up to date with the latest information on all things related to your systems and database. Click the link below to learn about our upcoming webinars and sign up for one today!

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At Soaring Eagle Database Consulting®, we believe that the best companies stick to what they do best. For us, that’s database consulting and DB remote management, but we know you may have other needs too. That’s why we have a network of partners we trust that can help!

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